About eRates

eRates.com.au is a new home loan & personal service, powered by Mortgage Australia Group, which has serviced over 27,000 clients Australia wide. You can quickly and conveniently search great home loan rates, features and terms from a database of 40 lenders. You can apply online or speak to an expert to delve deeper into the suitability of those options as well as your eligibility. You are assisted throughout the entire process and you are under no obligation. eRates’ smart technology enables a better and more convenient experience from search to settlement. eRates is a wholly owned Australian service.

  • Search great low rates from 40 lenders in seconds. More lenders means a better chance of finding a suitable low rate home loan .
  • Quickly compare home loan features side by side. Compare features such as offset, redraw, monthly fees and much more.
  • Get support from experts about suitability & eligibility. Our qualified & authorised mortgage experts can assist you in navigating through the current tough lending conditions.
  • Experience efficient online information/document processing for more convenience and a less stress.
  • Know your options before you apply. Applying for the right loan the first time could save you time, money & protect your credit file.
  • eRates in the only site you need to secure a great home loan. Best of all, you are under no obligation as eRates is payed by the lender.

How Can eRates Help You Secure a Great Home loan

If you have been looking around for a home loan, you may have encountered or heard about the following challenges:

There are 1000’s of loan products on the market, so comparing all the options is confusing and time consuming. A loan that may appear suitable based on advertised rates and features, may not be suitable when you delve deeper into the fine print. When you contact individual lenders, they only give information from the perspective of their own products.

Lending criteria has tightened considerably. Even when you identify a loan with a good rate you may not be eligible for that particular loan. If your are eligible, you may find that your borrowing power is less than you expected. Furthermore, if you are self-employed or depend on alternative sources of income such as rental income, investments or commissions, some lenders may be less inclined to lend to you.

Applying to the wrong lender could be costly. You could end up paying considerably more. Or you may spend a lot of time only to be declined. If your loan application is declined, it reduces your chances of getting approval the next time. Therefore, it is important to research your options and prospects before you apply.

eRates Solutions

Compare loan rates and features quickly
You have real choice because you can compare hundreds of home loan options from over 40 lenders. You can view detailed information on each home loan product including rates, features, fees and much more.

Get expert assistance and more detailed information
Once you identify some good loan options, rather than waste time with each individual lender’s sales pitch, you can talk to an expert who can give you a wider perspective as well as highlight aspects that may not be apparent.

Get an indication of which loans you may qualify for
Lending criteria is particular strict in the current climate. By talking to our experts you can save time and increase your chances of applying to the right lender the first time.

Know your options before you apply to increase your chances of approval. This could potentially save you a lot of time, money as well as protect your credit file.