Home Loan Comparison

Enter your loan amount below to get started: Here you can can compare home loans from leading banks as well as other lenders to quickly identify the home loan product that is right for you. The comparison includes rates, fees and other terms to give you the monthly repayments as well as the total cost of your home loan over the period that you choose. Comparing home loans does not get any easier than this.

Because fees and other charges vary from one home loan product to the next, a more objective way to compare 2 or more home loan products is to compare the monthly repayments with the fees included.  It should be remembered though that monthly repayments may take into account interest plus monthly fees however they many not take into account other fees such as establishment and fees and exit fees which can be substantial. Another way is to look at the total cost over the life of a loan. Comparison rates are good way to compare home loans because they take into account fees and charges.

Obviously, there is more to a cheap home loan than just the rate and prospective borrowers need to look at the big picture when they compare home loans. A good home loan comparison tool can display monthly repayments, fees, total cost as well as comparison rates thus allowing easy comparison at a glance.

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