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Compare Home Loan Rates Easily compare home loan rates across Australian major banks & lenders. Enter your loan amount below to start.

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Compare repaymentsCompare repayments, fees & charges for over one hundred home loan offers including variable & refinance rates.

Guide to Home Loan Comparison

Home Loan Comparison GuideRead information and tips on home loan comparison including how to effectively use a home loan calculator.

Quickly and easily compare hundreds of home loan offers on the market and cut through the hype to objectively identify a suitable new home loan or to refinance an existing home loan. eRates makes comparing home loans easy, saving you time and money.

How It Works
To get started just enter you loan amount in the tool above to get started. You can then choose the type of loan you want, variable, fixed, interest only and so on. To receive information any of the loan products, simply click on the “free inquiry” button. It does not get any easier
to compare home loans and find a good rate for your particular situation.

Advanced Home Loan Comparison
In addition to comparing repayments and affordability, advanced home loan calculators, make use of live data and allow you to compare rates and repayments and fees at glance. You can compare home loan rates and home loan offers automatically without having to enter any data.

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